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Machine Learning & AI

Mining Your Data for Intelligent Insights

We, here at Nuvem, work with you to dig deep into your business data to provide you with real-time insights into your business. With real-time analytics, crucial decisions can be made quickly to give your business a distinct competitive advantage.

Stop waiting for data and feedback through your traditional channels.

Stop wondering what your customers are doing.

Tap into your data to release it's full potential and drive your profitiability. Take the wheel.


Mine the features you need to explore and pre-process your valuable data for powerful machine learning models.


Train and fine tune your models with your data to tease out the actionable information that's been hiding in your databases for too long.


After your model has been trained and deployed, you will reap the benefits of your efforts. Insights can be gained from your trained model and newly acquired data.


Your Unified Event Management Portal

EventSuite is your front-to-back management platform for all your event digital content. Your event does not simply depend on one aspect of management - Marketing Website, Content Management, Track Management, Session Management, and Speaker Management, all play a vital role in the success of your event. EventSuite provides you with the simple, but powerful tools you need to manage your entire event.

Stop piecing together disparate tools and logging into various sites. With EventSuite, you can perform all your tasks within a single unified management portal.


EventSuite simplifies planning with an easy to use dashboard and tools that eliminates that mess of spreadsheets.


We provide tools that allow you to update your site immediately so your attendees can get the latest breaking information.


What sessions are full or empty? which rooms are to capacity? Did you double book a room or speaker? Avoid confusion and rest easy. We've got your back.


Who's visiting your site? Who's signed up for what Sessions? We've got the reports you need and you can export your reports too!


Keep in touch with your audience with our powerful mobile tools and receive real-time feedback from your conference attendees.


A SharePoint Collaboration Portal

LegalPortal is a SharePoint collaboration and document management portal. Users can collaborate within the unified Portal dashboard.


The Document library in SharePoint is used to store metadata tagged documents and the portal dashboard supports displaying those documents to your users in a quick view list on the main portal page.


Easy access and WYSIWYG editing of the blog post is supported. Users can also insert images both from the internet and their local machine.


Consolidate all your event announcements in a central location and provide easy entry and updating of those events from the main portal page.


Each organization will typically organize their practices into workgroups or practice group. These usually have somewhat similar needs - a Team Site with the ability to create lists, libraries, and wikis. LegalPortal supports these out of the box.

Custom Services

SharePoint Development, Consulting, and Training

We have extensive experience with SharePoint and can create a customized solution for your intranet, extranet, or internet presence.

EventSuite Customization

We can customize our EventSuite service for your event.

Custom Application Development

We have deep development experience with the Microsoft stack as well as Open Source projects as well.

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About Us

Our philosophy is that any piece of software, no matter how good it is, can always be better. This is why we constantly encourage our observant users to take an active role in providing us with feedback and input. It's why we listen to them so intently. And it's why we are constantly making improvements to our tools.

What most software companies don't realize is that the secret ingredient to better tools is the collective insights of their customers. Having built many online applications over the last decade, we understand this. In fact, it's almost part of our DNA at this point.

So we also consult with an advisory board of event professionals and industry experts to serve as a sounding board of what's happening in their world of corporate event planning. Their direction keeps us attuned to the changes in the industry as well as the changing needs of smart event professionals like yourself. All so we can provide the best and most up-to-date event management software available.

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